About Us


LightsOnUS was established in 2014 as the LED division of Leadman Electronics USA, Inc. Our company is committed to energy efficient approaches and forward-thinking contributions in LED light applications.


Efficacy and durability are the focus of our energy efficient LED’s. Our flood lights have the highest efficacy in the flood light segment in today’s LED market. With careful engineering, our lights are able to emit the same brightness output as competitors’ lights, while consuming less energy. With expert design and the best components, our lights last longer so that less energy and materials will be used to produce replacement products. We aim to achieve maximum durability and efficiency in all our products, working towards our mission to conserve the world’s energy and resources.


Leadman has been in business in the US for over 30 years, offering the highest caliber of service and products. LightsOnUS’s LED light fixtures are proudly assembled in the USA. We hire and train highly qualified staff at our Santa Clara facility to craft products of the most consistent quality. Our entire team is US based, allowing us to offer the most responsive service, and we stand behind our products with long warranties. You can rest assured that our LED lights will last and last, worry-free.